Thyroid Problems

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Thyroid Problems Treatment

After a doctor or medical professional has given a diagnosis of the specific thyroid problem faced by the patient, different treatment options may become available. Three main methods of thyroid disease treatment include:

Medical treatment

Hypothyroidism patients may be given a stereoisomer of thyroxine. Graves' disease patients may receive thioamides. Hyperthyroidism and thyroid tumors may receive radioactive iodine treatment. Percutaneous ethanol injections (PEI) may be used against recurring thyroid cysts and thyroid cancer in the lymph nodes. In general, thyroid replacement therapy used in cases of hypothyroidism may involve just T4, T4 and T3 together, or desiccated thyroid extract.


A thyroid nodule or lobe may be removed in some cases of adenoma. A majority of the thyroid may be removed to treat Graves' disease or to remove a goiter. In the circumstance of thyroid cancer, the whole thyroid with associated lymph nodes may be removed (thyroidectomy).

Radioiodine therapy

Radioiodine therapy may be used to combat large goiters, when cancer is not involved. If iodine deficiency is present, which is common in some countries, then the iodine uptake may be higher.

In cases of thyroid storm

The hyperthyroidism condition known as thyroid storm is a medical emergency. Severe symptoms can be displayed in the patient. Resuscitation is used, and various other options such as medications may also be employed. If you're concerned about this possibly occurring in yourself or someone else, please get in touch with emergency medical personnel, such as by dialling 911 if you're living in the United States.

Other considerations

There may be other factors to think about when a course of treatment for thyroid problems is selected. After a diagnosis has been made, then the doctor may recommend a particular method of treatment. There may be options other than those mentioned on this page, and even the categories described here have additional options or details not brought up at this time.

Ask your doctor about any potential side effects that may come from the certain type of treatment that is prescribed. Keep in mind that there may also be interactions with things you are taking, such as other medications (including herbal ones) and supplements. Some treatments, like medicines, may also be contraindicated for people with certain conditions.