Thyroid Problems

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Weight loss

Weight loss as a symptom of thyroid problems is not the intentional form where the person uses measures such as a calorie restriction diet or additional exercise in order to drop pounds. In this context, the situation is unintentional in nature. It may even be the case that the patient experiences weight loss despite an increased level of appetite.

Weight loss in hyperthyroidism

One of the thyroid problems that can lead to this situation is hyperthyroidism. However, plenty of other issues may also pop up in a patient with this condition. For instance, heart palpitations might be noticed. Shortness of breath is another medical symptom that may be found in some cases of hyperthyroidism.

Weight loss in Hashimoto's thyroiditis

This symptom can also be found in people who have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Many other issues may be noted in some cases. One of these is numbness. A type of hypoglycemia, known as reactive, can also be experienced. Amongst the other potential medical symptoms, one that might be discovered is high cholesterol.

Weight loss in lymphoma

Another thyroid condition which can bring on weight loss is lymphoma. Along with this reduction in weight, night sweats are amongst the symptoms that might possibly appear in this situation. The lymph nodes might also become swollen -- this situation is known as lymphadenopathy.

Unintentional weight loss in other medical situations

In many cases, a patient can experience weight loss which is not related to any form of thyroid problem. As an example, it can occur in patients with uremia. This situation is sometimes, but not always, brought on by kidney failure. For instance, uremia can also occur for reasons such as a having a diet high in protein, becoming dehydrated, having gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.

Having heart disease can also lead to weight loss. This is particularly the case where the patient has congestive heart failure. Some medications can lead to weight loss as one of their side effects. A variety of infections also have the potential to lead to this unintended reduction in pounds. Aside from lymphoma, other forms of cancer can also lead to this as a symptom. Of course, there are many reasons aside from those mentioned on this page.

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