Thyroid Problems

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Weight gain

Weight gain can occur in a number of different instances, one of which is thyroid problems. In particular, it can show up in a patient who has Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a type of hypothyroidism.

Medical reasons

In many instances, weight gain occurs simply due to eating excessive calories (compared to the amount that the body needs). Exercise and other physical activity that a person participates in increases the amount of energy his body needs, therefore meaning that more calories can be consumed without weight gain. The amount of salt also has an affect. Extra salt can lead to a greater level of water retention in the diet. Naturally, if it is water that is leading to the extra weight then this is not the same as a build up of additional body fat.

Certain illnesses, including hypothyroidism, can lead to weight gain. Cushing syndrome is another possibility. In this disorder, a greater than usual level of cortisol is in the patient's bloodstream. Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is another condition in which this can occur. PCOS is an endocrine disorder that affects females. In some people, a greater amount of muscle mass can be where the extra weight is found. This may be due to reasons such as weight lifting. Of course, as with water, this is a different form than fat.

Latency period

In situations involving more calories consumed than needed, there is a latency period before the weight gain actually occurs. This can vary in terms of time between a few days and a couple of weeks. Various factors can be involved as far as the length of time is concerned.

Effects of weight gain

Excessive amounts of body fat may bring on various medical issues. Of course, the shape of the body isn't entirely based upon the amount of fat. Some issues that may appear where body fat is increased include osteoarthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Some types of cancer can also be brought on by this. The obstructive form of sleep apnea can also show up as a result.

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