Thyroid Problems

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Pallor is a symptom that can occur in patients who have hypothyroidism. The word indicates a paleness, either of the skin or some area of mucous membrane. It occurs due to a lowered level of oxyhemoglobin in the affected area. Aside from thyroid problems, many other reasons can also lead to it. Some such possible causes are discussed on this page. When reading, remember that the items here are not intended to be a complete list of possible medical causes.


A migraine is a condition that is characterized by headaches which generally affect one side of the head, and nausea. The head pain can last up to three days, although it can also be as short as several hours. Vomiting may also occur. The patient can also have an increased sensitivity to sound and/or light, conditions that are known respectively as phonophobia and photophobia. Auras are also well-known as occurring in some migraine attacks.

Vitamin D deficiency

This is a circumstance in which a person does not have a sufficient level of vitamin D. The condition is generally diagnosed through a measurement of calcidiol in the patient's blood. Various issues can arise from low levels of this vitamin. One is fasciculations, which are small and involuntary muscle twitches that can be seen underneath the skin. This deficiency can also affect the muscles by leading to weakness and/or soreness. Osteoporosis is one of the other possible occurrences for someone in this condition.


The condition of anemia is when the patient has a lower than normal amount of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. It can also refer to hemoglobin levels that are low. Since hemoglobin, located in red blood cells, usually delivers oxygen to tissues in the patient's body, this condition can lead to a lack of oxygen in various areas. Other signs and symptoms can also occur in anemia, whether based on the condition itself or the underlying medical cause. Heart palpitations and chest pain may occur in more severe cases.

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