Thyroid Problems

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The sensation of numbness and tingling can occur in people with thyroid problems, in particular in cases of Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism in general. This situation can also be known by other terms, for instance, some people refer to it as pins and needles. Medically speaking, it may be termed paresthesia.


Aside from thyroid problems, many other medical reasons can lead to numbness and tingling. This page gives a brief mention of a few of them. Please keep in mind that this is nowhere near to an exhaustive list. Some medical reasons may be serious in nature. Please do not use the information on this page as a replacement for professional advice or diagnosis from a doctor or physician.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition is a type of neuropathy (nerve damage) which affects the median nerve. Known as CTS for short, it has become associated with typing (such as on a computer keyboard), although research that has taken place since that information was released seems to show that genetics might be a more significant factor. In the United States, around one person out of each twenty is expected to be affected by CTS.


Migraine refers to a disorder in which a particular type of headache appears. In most cases, it impacts one side of the head, has a pulsing sensation, and lasts from a period of several hours up to about three days. Numbness is one of the other symptoms that may show up in this condition. In particular, numbness may appear at least during the aura phase of a migraine episode.

Celiac disease

This illness may also lead to numbness. Celiac disease, or CD for short, involves the patient's small intestine. It is autoimmune in nature. It shows up in people who have genetic factors related to it, and there are multiple such factors. Aside from this, more than one factor is required for the illness to actually develop in the person. Symptoms vary in different cases. For instance, younger children may fail to gain weight, whereas adults whose disease is mild may have something less severe like anemia or exhaustion.

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