Thyroid Problems

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Night sweats

Night sweats take place when someone has an abnormally high amount of sweating taking place while asleep. It doesn't refer to situations where, for instance, the sweating is due to a room that is hot, or having one too many blankets. So what does this situation have to do with thyroid problems? Well, it may be caused by lymphoma, a cancer that can affect the thyroid. There are many other medical reasons for this sweating, though. Some of them are displayed here.

Other cancers

Lymphoma is not the only cancer that can lead to night sweats. They can be brought on, for example, by a case of leukemia. This is a cancer that affects either the blood or bone marrow. Leukemia most often hits adults. There are various ways in which forms of this cancer can be classified. Acute cases are separated, by the speed of their progression as well as other factors, from chronic. Other categorization is done based on which type of blood cell the illness impacts. Ultimately there various classifications. For instance, you may have heard of acute myeloid leukemia, or perhaps of the the hairy cell kind.

There are various signs and symptoms that may show up when a person has this cancer. Bruising easily is one. Petechiae may show up on the skin. The person may go through many infections as the immune system is worsened. This is due to white blood cells being held back or functioning poorly. Oral ulcers are one such infection. Serious cases of pneumonia which may be fatal can also occur. The treatment that is preferred for a case of leukemia is not always the same, but medication is typically used.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

This condition is particularly associated with heartburn. In fact, it is common for heartburn to be a symptom of GERD. There may also be difficulty in swallowing. In some cases, swallowing can even be painful. Pain in the patient's chest is also a possibility. There may be nausea, as well. One option for treatment is to make changes in one's lifestyle, such as diet alterations and stopping smoking. Medications are also used in some instances. Surgery is also performed in some cases.

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