Thyroid Problems

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Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are painful experiences in which muscle in a person contracts or goes through too much shortening. Such a situation is sometimes simply referred to as a cramp.


There are many different medical reasons for which muscle cramps may occur. One such is thyroid problems -- in particular, hypothyroidism. Some other possibilities are briefly mentioned on this page. Just remember that the items found here do not make a complete list of medical reasons for cramps.

Multiple sclerosis

These painful contracts can occur in this medical condition, which is also known for short as MS. Its name refers to the scars, or scleroses, that are found, especially in the white matter of two areas: the spinal cord and brain. The disease is inflammatory in nature, and a wide range of symptoms can appear in it, especially those that are neurological in type.


A lack of sufficient levels of potassium in a patient's blood can also cause muscle cramping. However, in cases that are mild, symptoms generally do not appear, though there might be a slightly raised blood pressure and/or arrhythmias. Muscle cramps might occur in more moderate cases of this condition, along with other symptoms that include pain and weakness of the muscles.

Varicose veins

These, which generally occur in the legs but can appear elsewhere, are a condition in which muscle cramps can show up. In some cases varicose veins can be painful, particularly when the person with them stands or walks. Despite this, it is uncommon for serious complications to arise. When they itch, a person might scratch them which has the potential to cause ulceration. There is a difference between this condition and spider veins (known as telangiectasias), as well as reticular veins.

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