Thyroid Problems

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Dysarthria is a kind of motor speech disorder. It is brought on due to neurological injury. In particular, the patient may articulate poorly. There are various subsystems in speech, and any one of those that are known have the potential to be affected (for instance, respiration and resonance are two of them).


There are different classifications of dysarthria, and these are based upon which symptoms appear in the patient. For instance, a case might be determined to be spastic, flaccid, ataxic, hyperkinetic, hypokinetic, or unilateral upper motor neuron. Mixed forms also occur, in which symptoms related to multiple classifications show up. In fact, being diagnosed with a mixed form is the most common, and this makes up the majority of cases.


Dysarthria is caused by neurological injury. There are many potential reasons for this to occur. Degenerative diseases are one possibility, including issues like ataxia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and others. Metabolic reasons can also be behind it. Another potential medical causes is Lyme disease, which is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans through the bites of infected ticks. Traumatic injury to the brain can also lead to this type of damage. Amongst the other possible reasons are strokes of embolic or thrombotic nature.

Diagnosis and treatment

The one to make a diagnosis of a case of dysarthria is a medical professional, such as a doctor. Once this is done, beginning a treatment course might be a possibility. Keep in mind that this selection is best based on professional information. Don't use any details you find on this page in an attempt to diagnose or treat dysarthria.

Speech therapy is sometimes used to treat this condition. Within this, there are multiple options. In general, the treatment selected is based upon certain factors. Keep in mind that there are different speech subsystems.

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