Thyroid Problems

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Cognitive Impairment

Cognitive impairment can occur in a number of different medical conditions, with hypothyroidism being one of the possibilities. The situation typically refers to mental function that is abnormally low, and is associated with difficulty concentrating, confusion, and forgetfulness. Aside from thyroid problems, some of the other potential medical reasons are briefly discussed on this page. Keep in mind that not all potential reasons are mentioned.


This condition is sometimes known, for short, as FMS or even simply FM. Its characteristic symptom is pain, which is spread through many areas of the body, and in some situations occurs when there is a stimulus that does not usually lead to pain (this is known as allodynia). The cognitive dysfunction that happens in someone with FMS is sometimes called fibrofog. Some other symptoms that may appear include muscle twitching, heart palpitations, paresthesia (tingling and numbness), and difficulty swallowing. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.


This word technically refers to when a woman's ovaries permanently stop functioning. However, in common speech, it is often used to refer to the menopause transition years (which, technically, are known as perimenopause). Hot flashes are well known as occurring during this time. However, other symptoms can also show up, including fatigue and insomnia.

Sleep disorders

A disorder involving sleep can also lead to cognitive impairment. This includes when sleep is simply disrupted. However, it can also involve medical reasons like bruxism, in which there is tooth grinding. Restless legs syndrome, or RLS, can also be related to it. Nocturia, in which the patient frequently urinates during the night, can also be counted as a sleep disorder and may lead to cognitive impairment. In cases where no clear cause is noticed, the situation might be referred to as insomnia.

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