Thyroid Problems

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One symptom that can appear in hypothyroidism is chorea. This is a type of movement (and neurological) disorder, in which the hands and the feet involuntarily make quick movements. The name is taken from Greek, in which the word it is derived from means dance. The movements that occur in this condition sometimes slightly resemble those that occur when someone dances. Chorea is a type of dyskinesia.

What is dyskinesia?

Aside from chorea, other dyskinesias also exist. What are these medical conditions? They involve situations where voluntary movements become less, and involuntary movements occur. Tardive dyskinesia is one type of this.


The main symptom that appears in chorea is the previously-mentioned kind of movements that occur. Athetosis can also take place, in which writhing movements are present.


A number of different medical conditions can be the medical reasoning behind a case of chorea. In Huntington's disease, this situation can appear as a main sign or symptom. Amongst adolescents and children who have rheumatic fever, it is estimated that about 20% of them might develop a form of this, known as Sydenham's chorea. Ataxia telangiectasia, which is a rare inherited disease that is neurodegenerative in nature, can also lead to these movements. They can also appear in patients with Wilson's disease. This list is not comprehensive. Having chorea does not indicate that the person has one of these conditions.

Diagnosis and treatment

Please discuss with a doctor regarding formal diagnosis of a case of chorea. Once diagnosed, it may be possible for a treatment course to begin. Different cases are treated differently, particularly based upon what the underlying medical reason for the situation is. Please follow qualified medical advice in selecting and using a method of treatment. Although the condition can be managed, as of now there is no known cure.

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