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Anemia is a medical condition in which the amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood is lower than that which is normal. The situation can occur as a symptom of thyroid problems, in particular in cases of hypothyroidism. Please keep in mind that the details regarding anemia on this page may not all be linked to its cases brought on by hypothyroidism, and this condition can have numerous other medical causes.


In many people, the symptoms associated with anemia are unclear and the condition may go undetected in the patient for some time. Some people will report symptoms such as weakness, jaundice, a feeling of malaise, pallor, or shortness of breath. Where the condition is quite severe, symptoms linked to an increased cardiac output may show up. These can include items like chest pain, palpitations, and others. A number of other symptoms can also be present.

Causes and classifications

There are four main groups of causes for cases of anemia, including those of impaired production and increased destruction of red blood cells, blood loss, and fluid overload. Within these categories there are many different medical reasons. There are also various classifications of this condition, including the following three as some of them: microcytic, macrocytic, and normocytic. Hypothyroidism might lead to cases that fall in the macrocytic classification.


A doctor or other professional is the one who attempts to make a diagnosis of a case of anemia. In general, a complete blood count is used as the diagnostic test. These can show the amount of red blood cells and hemoglobin. They also measure RBC size, which can be useful toward determining the underlying cause of the condition.


Not every case of anemia is treated the same way. Issues like the medical reason and the severity of the case can affect what method of treatment is selected. In some situations, supplementation of certain vitamins or minerals may work. In others, medication is required. In certain cases, blood transfusion or hyperbaric oxygen may be used. Please do not attempt to select a treatment option based on what you read here, but look for qualified advice for any particular situation you might be involved in.

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