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Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Anaplastic thyroid cancer is an aggressive thyroid cancer which is often resistant against treatment. This form of cancer assails nearby tissues. As far as symptoms, at least one thing that may appear -- amongst older individuals with this malignancy -- is swollen lymph nodes in the area. Of course, the appearance of these does not always point to this cancer -- in fact, it only lends support to a diagnosis of it in a situation where another particular item is noted by the doctor.


To find more information related to diagnosis of this form of cancer, please speak with someone who is qualified in the field of medicine. A doctor may use various methods to test for this or other forms of thyroid cancer. One thing that may be employed in the diagnostic process is a needle aspiration biopsy. Compared to an open surgery biopsy, this method is relatively safe, and also generally easier for the patient to go through.


Typically, treatment methods, including surgery and others, are not effective in curing anaplastic thyroid cancer. Recently, new medications have been going through studies, and they may be useful in lengthening the survival time of patients.

Treatment may also be given to relieve symptoms. In this instance, it is often a combination of radiation therapy along with chemotherapy.


Overall, the survival rate among patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer is poor, at least relative to other malignancies of this gland. Estimates seem to vary. On one end, the five year survival rate was mentioned as 7 percent. On the other side, the ten year version was listed as 14 percent. The patient usually dies in under a year, although there are some who survive for a longer period of time.

Other thyroid cancers include:

Follicular cancer


Medullary cancer

Papillary cancer

Additionally, there are non-cancerous thyroid adenoma tumors.